[Photo by: Elyse Dashew. The artwork is just as colorful as the food at Pint Central, serving up Argentinian tapas bursting with flavor.]

by Liz Rothaus Bertrand

Last week, I enjoyed an unforgettable meal that took me on a journey across three different continents. There’s a lot to be said for traveling by fork — a delicious alternative to airport delays and jet lag.

Thanks to Taste of the World, a one-night international food extravaganza, I discovered three family-operated restaurants in East Charlotte: the cool and tasty Pint Central featuring Argentinian tapas and craft beer served alongside local art; the cozy, Bosnian-inspired Euro Grill & Cafe with delicious, home-cooked sausage and flatbread; and Carnitas Guanajuato whose spread of flavorful Mexican meat and vegetable dishes paired perfectly with a glass of pineapple juice or horchata (made of milk, rice, and cinnamon).


[Photos by Liz R. Bertrand and Ali Diaz. A close up look at some of the food (counter-clockwise from top) served at: Pint Central, Euro Cafe & Grill, and Carnitas Guanajuato.]

More than a dozen buses, filled with eager eaters of all ages, headed out to sample food at numerous restaurants on or near Central Avenue, an area that features some of the best international flavors in the city. The closely guarded itinerary was revealed only as we headed to our next destination and differed for each group.

Touring the city in this way opened my eyes to the culinary possibilities each meal eaten out could bring. We all get in our routines of visiting the same places, in familiar neighborhoods but there is something thrilling about finding new flavors so close to home.

While this intriguing event only happens once a year, don’t let that stop you from planning your own culinary trip around the world. Click here to check out some of the other restaurants highlighted on the tour and make a date with friends.


[Photo by Liz R. Bertrand. Surprise discoveries abound on the Taste of the World tour, like Bosna Market–a sister business to Euro Cafe & Grill–filled with Eastern European delicacies.]

If you’re looking for a guided adventure, consider joining the Global Table Culinary Walking Tour, on Saturday, Oct. 22. It’s a five-hour food and cultural experience, including kitchen visits and recipe sampling at 10 local businesses representing a wide range of international cuisine.

As you explore the Charlotte international food scene,  The Language Academy of the Carolinas can help you learn more about the language and culture of many of the restaurants you visit. Visit Carolinalanguage.com to see the full scintillating menu of eight languages offered at 4 locations around town — including one right on Central Avenue!

The Language Academy of the Carolinas is a locally-owned company located in Charlotte, NC, offering small group and private language instruction, as well as translation services.