Our curriculum consists of ten levels, each of which is a 16-hour course, divided into eight 2-hour periods.

Level 1 is a course designed for the true beginner, someone who has had no previous experience with the French language. It covers basic vocabulary, the differences between être and avoir, and introduces regular verbs ending in -er in the present tense. The activities in Level 1 focus on helping each student to speak French, using a controlled and limited vocabulary.

Level 2 continues to focus on the present tense and teaches students how to use regular verbs ending in -ir and -re, reflexive verbs as well as common irregular verbs. It also introduces the near future, prepositions of place, demonstratives and specialized vocabulary.

Level 3 introduces the past tense with the passé composé and includes more advanced irregular verbs, verb + verb constructions and relative pronouns.

Level 4 focuses on the differences between the passé composé and the imparfait (imperfect) tenses and helps students fine-tune their abilities to speak of past events. It also introduces direct and indirect object pronouns, partitive articles and prepositions of time.

Level 5 is an intermediate conversation class. We take a break from learning new material to focus on practicing the topics covered in levels 1 – 4 through different conversational exercises.

Level 6 focuses on the future tense and using the imperative. Much emphasis is placed on speaking and working out the nuances of expressing oneself in French.

Level 7 deals with the conditional tense and colloquial expressions. Again, a strong emphasis is placed on incorporating these new language skills into everyday speech. This course and subsequent levels incorporate many authentic language materials, including film or TV excerpts, magazine articles and podcasts. .

Level 8 focuses on the subjunctive tense, expressing opinions and using compound tenses such as the pluperfect and past conditional. Again, a strong emphasis is placed on integrating these tenses into everyday speech.

Level 9 is an advanced conversation class. This level focuses on general review and practice.

Level 10 concludes the curriculum with a thorough review of all grammar covered in the previous levels. Conversation is emphasized and each class chooses literature or topics they would like to explore. This can include current events taken from newspapers, a novel in French or a film.

NOTE: You may notice that we often have levels higher than 10 on our schedule. More often than not it’s an advanced grammar and review course for people who have completed level 10 and are still looking to practice and improve. If you feel that one of these courses may be right for you, please call us at 704.548.0040 or send us an email at and we will give you all of the information you need to decide which level is right for you.