Our curriculum consists of ten levels, each of which is a 16-hour course, divided into eight 2-hour periods.

Level 1 is a course designed for beginners, someone who has had no previous experience with German. It covers basic vocabulary, verbs in the present tense and the German sentence structure. The activities in Level 1 focus on giving basic information about yourself, understanding numbers and how to tell the time.

Level 2 continues to focus on the present tense, adding separable and irregular verbs. It also looks at the past tenses of haben and sein as well as accusative objects. Conversational topics of this level include shopping for groceries, the daily routine and family.

Level 3 focuses on the German imperative forms and the first introduction to the Perfekt tense as well as modal verbs. Students will learn about tourism in Berlin and understanding as well as actively giving directions. Another topic is finding an apartment and understanding classified ads with their typical abbreviations.

Level 4 completes the Perfekt tense, adding irregular verbs and the Perfekt tense with sein. We complete the modal verbs and use them in contexts such as health and professional life. This level also deals with reading and writing e-mails in the present and past tense, and making private and business-related phone calls..

Level 5 introduces the personal pronouns in the accusative case and the German articles in the dative case. We will learn how to use verbs with dative objects and how to make comparatives and superlatives. Conversation will focus on how to book trips, buy tickets, and items of clothing.

Level 6 will introduce the modal verbs in the past tense and verbs with both dative and accusative objects. Students will learn how to give and ask for advice and use the conjunctions weil and wenn. Conversation will center around family, holidays, and talking about conflicts.

Level 7 will center around the review of the tenses for regular, irregular and modal verbs. Students will also learn about two-way prepositions and the Konjunktiv II to express wishes and suggestions. Topics for level 7 include education, work life, and talking about your home and furniture.

Level 8 contains topics such as the passive voice, its alternative lassen, and an introduction to adjective endings. Students will learn how to discuss transportation, describe preferences, and express consequences.

Level 9 focuses on reflexive verbs, relative clauses, and will complete the topic of adjective endings. We will express opinions, give advice, and talk about work experience.

Level 10 concludes the curriculum with a review and active application of all grammar covered in the previous levels in conversation, literature, writing, and discussion. Students are encouraged to prepare a presentation or choose literature to be discussed with the instructor.

NOTE: You may notice that we often have levels higher than 10 on our schedule. More often than not it’s an advanced grammar and review course for people who have completed level 10 and are still looking to practice and improve. If you feel that one of these courses may be right for you, please call us at 704.548.0040 or send us an email at and we will give you all of the information you need to decide which level is right for you.