About our curriculum

Our curriculum consists of ten levels, each of which is a 16-hour course, divided into eight 2-hour periods.

· Level 1 is a course designed for the true beginner, someone who has had no previous experience with the Italian language. It covers basic vocabulary, the differences between essere and stare, and verbs in the present tense. The activities in Level 1 focus on helping each student to speak Italian, using a controlled and limited vocabulary.

· Level 2 continues to focus on the present tense and teaches students how to use irregular verbs, prepositions, demonstratives and specialized vocabulary.

· Level 3 is an intensive study of the preterit tense. Object pronouns, reflexive and intransitive verbs are also covered in this level.

· Level 4 looks at the differences between the preterit and the imperfect tenses and helps students fine-tune their abilities to speak of past events.

· Level 5 is an intermediate conversation class. We take a break from learning new material to focus on practicing the topics covered in levels 1 - 4 through different conversational exercises. We also introduce the student to short readings on historical cities/sites and art.

· Level 6 focuses on formal and informal commands, and the difference between passato prossimo and passato remoto. Much emphasis is placed on speaking in Level 6 and working out the nuances of expressing oneself in Italian.

· Level 7 deals with the subjunctive mood, colloquial expressions, prepositions and the conditional tense. Again, a strong emphasis is placed on incorporating these tenses into everyday speech.

· Level 8 deals with the past subjunctive and compound tenses such as the past perfect and future perfect. Again, a strong emphasis is placed on incorporating these tenses into everyday speech.

· Level 9 is an advanced conversation class. This level focuses on general review and practice. We listen to Italian news online and short clips from famous Italian movies.

· Level 10 concludes the curriculum with a thorough review of all grammar covered in the previous levels. Conversation is emphasized and each classes chooses literature that it would like to read. This can be current events taken from newspapers or a short novel in Italian.