Introducing: Laura Bertolin

There’s a new person working in our office and she’s been doing a fantastic job so I thought I’d use this space to introduce you to her. Her name is Laura Bertolin. She’s multitalented, multilingual and she’s come to us all the way from Italy. I recently asked her 5 questions and here is how she responded.

You are from a relatively small town in Italy, right? How does someone like you end up in Charlotte?

Yes, my home town is Bassano del Grappa and I was born and raised there. Thanks to my education I learned to embrace new adventures and live and study in other countries like France and Switzerland. I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of people from all over the world, and I think that all of these experiences have made me even more passionate about traveling and discovering new places, like the United States. I came here with my other half shortly after graduating from university. Charlotte is right between the mountains and ocean so it seemed like an exciting place to live.

2. What is your current role for the Language Academy?

I started out as an Italian instructor in May of 2017, exactly 2 years ago. In February of this year I also became part of the fantastic staff at the Language Academy as an Office Assistant. I am really grateful for the opportunities that Craig, Rodrigo and Heather have given me, and couldn’t be happier about this new role. I am learning new things every day and am continually amazed at the amount of time invested and work that goes on behind the scenes. 

3. What are some things that you really like about living in the United States?

I really like the diverse landscapes, scenery, and nature, which are so different from state to state. I love the variety of outdoor activities the United States has to offer. You can never get bored as every state has something different you can experience, from snowboarding to snorkeling, fishing, hiking, camping and so on. This might sound funny but something else I like about the United States are American parking spots. Even the compact spots are bigger than some of the largest Italian parking spots! One more thing I like about living here are free refills. I love those.

4. Besides your friends and family what are some things that you miss about home?

What do I not miss about home! I miss the simple things I used to do there every day like going for a walk by the river Brenta, biking downtown where I would run into lots of people and friends I know. I miss eating gelato sitting at a small table in the main square, maybe have an aperitivo and drink a spritz with my friends. If you have ever had a spritz, I’m sure you know how I feel! I miss Italian pizza and crave it every single day. I can’t forget the historic beauty of Italy as well – every corner could be a postcard.

5. Can you tell us something that we or your students may not know about you?

Being an artsy craftsy person, when I go on vacations in different states and countries, I always like to bring home with me a piece of handmade artwork by a local artist. I like having these unique souvenirs and to see them around my house. Every single one of them has a story behind it and they all remind me of the great adventures I’ve been on. 


Craig Snyder is the Owner and President of The Language Academy of the Carolinas, Inc.

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