Our Portuguese curriculum consists of 6 levels, each of which is a 16-hour course.

Level 1 is designed for a true beginner, someone who has had no previous experience with the Portuguese language. It covers basic activities, such as greeting someone formally and informally, the use of the verbs ser, estar and, ter, as well as the basic components of the Portuguese language, such as pronouns and articles. Level 1 is designed to help students have a simple conversation in Portuguese.

Level 2 teaches the student how to use irregular verbs, gender and nouns, adjectives, and specialized vocabulary.

Level 3 looks at interrogative pronouns and question words. It also covers demonstratives, more irregular and regular verbs, and prepositions.

Level 4 teaches the present progressive, the imperative, and objective pronouns. Level 4 also helps students to start developing more complex vocabulary.

Level 5 introduces the students to the preterit tenses of irregular and irregular verbs and helps students fine-tune their abilities to speak of past events. It also deals with reflexive verbs and indefinite pronouns helping students to build more complex sentences, which can be used in conversation.

Level 6 concludes the curriculum by taking students into an intensive study of the preterit, imperfect, and future tenses in Portuguese. It also focuses on useful idiomatic expressions, relative pronouns, the conditional and the subjunctive.

NOTE: You may notice that we often have levels higher than 10 on our schedule. More often than not it’s an advanced grammar and review course for people who have completed level 10 and are still looking to practice and improve. If you feel that one of these courses may be right for you, please call us at 704.548.0040 or send us an email atinfo@carolinalanguage.com and we will give you all of the information you need to decide which level is right for you.