I have had the pleasure of working with the Language Academy for nearly three years as both a coordinator of language classes for my company as well as a participant. In addition to the high quality instructors our company has received for group and private lessons, we have received amazing professional support from Craig and his team. This is not only reflected in our daily contact planning and coordinating language training, but the service that has been provided above and beyond our language needs (reports, analysis, etc). We send an annual survey to class participants who echo the same thoughts – the Language Academy and its instructors are professional, intelligent, and exceed our expectations every time.

Rachel Wrede


The Language Academy’s class format is ideal for the adult learner – using a combination of teaching techniques, they reach out to different learning types, and make learning Spanish fun. With approximately 60% of our 500 employees speaking Spanish, the knowledge I have gained through class has enabled me to understand and build relationships with people I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to get to know.

Lauren Maiden


I’m taking Spanish for both business and personal enhancement. The classes at The Language Academy of the Carolinas are terrific. All the teachers I’ve experienced are engaged and committed and—best of all—entertaining! Every class is full of laughter and thoughtful learning. I’d recommend The Language Academy to any individual or business looking for an efficient and effective curriculum that delivers results.

Mary Tribble


As an organization, we felt the need to better communicate with our staff and customers in our Spanish speaking markets. Therefore, we needed to learn Spanish. Enter Craig Snyder and The Language Academy of the Carolinas.

From day one Craig came in with a planned curriculum to allow our team to communicate quickly. The material was relevant; the classes were engaging and fun; and the rewards have been tremendous. Being able to stand in fron of a sales team and a customer group and give your welcome presentation in their native language is very powerful.

Craig and his team are professional, supportive and understanding of the life of a busy manager. They have always been accommodating when schedules change last minute. And the best part is that our organization is accomplishing our goals of learning a new language and about a new culture.

Clif Armstrong


Learning a foreign language had been on my list for a long time, and once I began a project in Miami, I knew that speaking Spanish would increase my effectiveness in that market. When we moved to Charlotte, my husband and I explored class options, and discovered The Language Academy of the Carolinas. Their passionate instructors, small classes, and accommodating course schedules really worked well for us. Immersion into the Spanish language was fast-paced and challenging, but we both found that the friendly, supportive environment made the learning process fun and rewarding. If you are interested in learning a language, I highly recommend The Academy, and their translation services are excellent.

Nikki Scandalios


I have taken all levels as well as several conversation classes. Prior to the classes, my knowledge of Spanish was non-existent. On a daily basis, I can now take advantage of the many opportunities to use my Spanish–speaking skills at work and within the community. I have traveled to Spain and was able to converse in Spanish with individuals that had no English-speaking skills. At The Language Academy of the Carolinas, I enjoyed the structure of the classes which promoted learning in a fun and effective manner. The small class size encourages participation and camaraderie. The instructors are fabulous! They are always prepared and enthusiastic as well as willing to adjust their teaching method to help accommodate your learning style. I highly recommend The Language Academy of the Carolinas to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish.

Donna Wall


I began studying Spanish at The Language Academy in September, 2005 and progressed through the group classes and conversation classes eventually opting to take private lessons. At every step of the learning experience I felt fully supported by the staff of The Language Academy. It was simply a great experience!

The small group settings are a great way to learn a language. The private lessons provide an excellent opportunity to work on conversation skills. And the curriculum is well put together to bring someone from having little to no comprehension of another language to being able to speak, read and write comfortably in that language. In short, the instructors are wonderful, the curriculum is excellent and I highly recommend The Language Academy of the Carolinas to anyone seeking to learn a foreign language.

J. Edward Yeager, Jr.


The Language Academy has been a wonderful experience for our middle school aged son, Matthew. As a student with a passion and aptitude for foreign languages, Matt has found their class have provided an excellent venue to augment and accelerate his studies. He has really enjoyed the personal attention that he has received and the outstanding instruction. We have been very pleased with his progress. We believe that the skills he is developing with The Language Academy will carry over to other aspects of his academic endeavors and provide benefits will in excess of simply learning a foreign language.

Elizabeth Coss

Charlotte, NC

I took my first class at the Language Academy taught by Craig Snyder, the President of the company, and fell in love. I am on my 4th Spanish class and have loved everyone one of them. I find the environment in which the lessons are taught is fantastic and the pace of the material is robust and steady, but not overwhelming. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the 2-hour classes each week. I have had the pleasure of learning from several of the Academy’s instructors. They are all wonderful; patient, knowledgeable, and able to explain ideas in a way that is logical and easy to understand. I also love the diversity of the instructors. They are all from different Latin American countries and bring the unique nuances of their backgrounds to the classroom.

Elena Towles


I cannot thank Craig and his staff from The Language Academy enough for their helping me shake the rust off of my Spanish-speaking skills. I had heard of immersion courses in foreign language but I had never taken one.

As a native speaker, my pronunciation has always been good but I had the vocabulary and sentence structure of a 4th grader. After only a couple of immersion classes, the rust was shaken free and I was speaking much better. My grandmother, who to this day does not speak English, was very impressed over the holidays when I returned home and spent hours talking with her like an adult.

One thing that I remember from the class was how well the non-native speakers were communicating in Spanish. I was in class with a woman that did not know one word of Spanish three months before, but when I got to class, even though I “sounded” better, I noticed that her vocabulary was much more extensive than mine. She had not spoken a word of Spanish four months ago and now she was communicating better than me, a native speaker.

Thanks Craig. You have a terrific system and I wish you well.

Donald Klemack